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Fragrance for men
Perfumer: Thierry Mugler
Original fragrance: 1996
The Taste of fragrance version: september 2011
Olfactory group: oriental, woody, vigorous

Thierry Mugler recalls vivid childhood memories of colorful pages bursting with remarkable heroes from the comic books of the '50s. A variety of characters who are at once profoundly human and cosmic. They are the true sources of inspiration for A*Men.

The fragrance ever so elegantly expresses the inner strength of this man, the momentum that allows him to overcome all obstacles, believe in a new tomorrow and reveal the hero within. He is as sensitive as he is invicible, as real as he is fantastic, a unique and plural man. This is A*Men.

Thierry Mugler’s first men’s fragrance, A*Men features an elegant, timeless and still sophisticated wake. In 1996, the fragrance opened new doors in the universe of perfumery.

Like diving into the intimate heart of men, this “Oriental - Woody - Vigorous“ composition tells the story of a man who feels living within him is the victorious hero that he has always imagined himself to be.

Intense and vibrant, the fragrance oscillates between two contrasting dimensions: the “Oriental - Woody“ notes, with the patchouli and vanilla exuding strength and charisma, and the “Vigorous“ facet, with pure coffee for all the originality and character.

The Taste of Fragrance 2011
A*Men 1

For the ‘Taste of Fragrance’ version, these masculinely warm scents are brought out in a concentrate of red pepper for amazing power.

Pierre Aulas, Olfactory Artistic Director for Thierry Mugler Parfums
The concentrate of red pepper is chosen as the taste enhancer. Incorporated into its original formula, it awakens the power of the roasted coffee and brings out the spicy notes to infl ame the wood. Mainly denoting the coffee, vanilla and patchouli, A*Men also features spices that are also found in Angel. The hot pepper sets fi re to and highlights the recipe bringing color to it.

Inspiration of Hélène Darroze, Grand Chef, Paris
Maybe a starter... It’s a complicated task.
We need a dish that is strong in taste but with a certain roundness. I would really like to bring out the coffee and spices to represent the warm aspect of A*Men. The other facet to highlight is the presentation. I would like to reflect the contrasts of the bottle through the brown of the coffee and the red of the pepper.

Sautéed John Dory filets, celeriac puree with cinnamon and nutmeg, cranberries, oil infused with Tahitian vanilla, strong coffee sauce
Piquillo and Espelette pepper condiment

2013 - A*Men Pure Malt
A*Men 2

For this original version of A*Men, which was inspired by the traditional techniques used to produce prestigious whiskies, the masculine fragrance is imbued with a new breadth and smoky elegance. “Aged” for six weeks in a toasted oak cask, the fragrance takes on distinguished amber notes with a subtle peat-like facet, also found in some prestigious whiskies.
Pierre Aulas, Artistic Olfactory Director

2014 - A*Men Pure Wood
A*Men 3

A*Men Pure Wood a new limited edition fragrance that reveals the sophistication and intensity of notes overdosed with cedar and cypress; they meld into the sensuality of the original A*Men fragrance trail, a seductive combination of patchouli, coffee and vanilla. This new, raw and untamed energy gives rise to a stylish, charismatic and daring fragrance. In perfect fusion of natural elements, Fragrance notes: patchouli, coffee, vanilla.

2015 - A*Men Ultra Zest (discontinued)
A*Men 4

A cocktail of olfactory vitamins
After irresistible and very intense aromas of coffee, precious wood, masculine leather, Cuban tobacco and sweet spices which marked previous versions of the famous A*Men, this year Mugler tingles the imagination with luminous citruses blended with the popular composition of the original perfume. A*Men Ultra Zest evokes the pleasant feeling of summer mornings and the first rays of the sun tingling and warming our skin. The perfumers of the composition are Jacques Huclier and Quintin Bisch of Givaudan.

Head notes - Strong Energy
Mugler introduces a new dose of juiciness, tartness and strong accords of red orange and tangerine cooled additionally by mint along with tart-lemonish ginger in the opening.

Heart notes - Impertinence Energy
As the composition develops, we will feel fine aromas of coffee (repeated from numerous version of the original) blended with sweet spicy accords of cinnamon and black pepper.

Base notes -Seductive Energy
A game of warm, bright and cold notes stretches all the way to the base created of warm and deep notes of vanilla, patchouli and tonka.

2016 - A*Men Pure Tonka
A*Men 5

Created by perfumer Jacques Huclier for Thierry Mugler
Refreshing and sensual, this newest addition to the A*MEN PURE collection bets on the specificity of the roasted Tonka bean to express strong masculine confidence. To consume without moderation!

- REFRESHING : Lavender - Rosemary
- SENSUAL : Tonka bean - Roasted coffee
- FIERY : Patchouli - Vanilla

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