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Tips & Shopping

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Bath, Massage, aromatherapy...

Little exercises

Tired, tense? A few little exercises to ease shoulder tension after to long hours at the computer. It takes only 30 seconds to say farewell to tension. Don't wait for it to turn into pain!

How to Exercise and Relax if you work all day long standing up in your feet

Is your skin showing signs of fatigue?

Maybe you need more than a bath or a massage...

Are you sleeping well?
Your face is drawn, there are dark circles under your eyes… your mirror is showing you the image of someone who has slept poorly. In theory, we spend a third of our life sleeping. Tips for a good night sleep.

Quick relaxation

Loosen your clothing and get comfortable.

Tighten the muscles in your toes. Hold for a count of 10. Relax and enjoy the sensation of release from tension.

Flex the muscles in your feet. Hold for a count of 10. Relax.

Move slowly up through your body - legs, abdomen, back, neck, face - contracting and relaxing muscles as you go.

Breathe deeply and slowly.

Imagine total relaxation

Imagine an aromatherapy candle lit bathroom. Quiet. Serene. You are slipping into a warm tub filled with the perfume of essential oils, that refresh you and make your cares disappear. Your skin renews as it drinks in the essential oils, and your muscles give way to total relaxation.
Dead Sea Bath Salts is known for their rich concentration of active minerals from the Dead Sea, these essential bath salts are particularly ideal for deep, deep relaxation, lowering stress, softening skin

Lie in a bathtub with your feet up against the end of the tub with a tennis ball under each one. Now move your feet so the ball moves around under each sole.

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