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Tips & Shopping

Darling product: Super Aqua Lotion by Guerlain. It is not a new product but it remains an asset in our daily routine. As soon as it is applied, the skin seems to come back to life with a healthy glow.

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Say goodbye to stains

Choosing clothes
Here's our shortlist of eleven crucial points for choosing the right clothes to enhance your silhouette

Finding the perfect swimsuit
You can determine your figure type based on five shapes


Laws on Bra - Your not-so-secret weapon!
Every woman has her problem area, her dream of a nicer figure. We can't deny it… we're constantly searching for ways to add oomph to our bras, eliminate the sagging effects of passing years, provide support to those in need, or make mountains out of molehills!

Modern shaping solutions...
Nothing can ruin an outfit faster than a muffin top, bra bulge or dreaded visible panty line. Thankfully, today there are a variety of technologically advanced, everyday undergarments that work to provide the right foundation for under clothing. Of course, to avoid uncomfortably suffocating to death, shapewear should be approached with a few guidelines in mind.

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