Tips & Shopping
Tips & Shopping

Plonger dans l'eau glacée alors que le thermomètre affiche fièrement un -10 ou -20 C. c'est de la pure folie, direz-vous ! De quoi attraper une bronchite ! Il faut avoir le courage de tenter cette expérience extraordinaire et vivifiante au cœur de la nature. Vivez cette expérience revigorante au Scandinave.

What's your style?

What's your style?
More than just fashion, the style you adopt is a reflection of your personality. Your style provides endless information about you. Your tastes, your clothing preferences, your hair style, your perfume: all expressions of who you are.

Every month, we'll discover a new style.... it's up to you to find your own personal match.

This month : Modern

  • Nex month: The Artist
  • March: The Dramatic
  • Etc.
What's your style? 1

With the kind assistance of Cinquieme Sens - For everyone who love smelling fragrances, dreaming, escaping to a faraway land, being touched emotionally, creating new ideas, Cinquieme Sens shares its "savoir faire" to perfume lovers.
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