Tips & Shopping
Tips & Shopping

Anticipate summer with the latest emotive addition to the Aqua Allegoria collection - the GUERLAIN Florabloom captures all the magic of a desert superbloom and the intoxicating spectacle it provides for the senses.

All about hair

All about hait > I'm always on the lookout for tips and hair care products that I can share with you.



RED HOT… and cool - New look, no commitment. Don’t let the inevitable arrival of winter get you down. Warm yourself up with some red hot shades and turn heads in the process.

The rage for red - hair that is!

Blonde ideas - If you’ve got blonde ambitions, here are a few ways you can lighten your hair easily and achieve your dream look all year long.
Turn Up the Lights. Wake Up Your Brunette.

Discover highlights for any hairstyle
Get Light-Headed Curls. Give Short Hair a Twist. Highlights are a fun, easy way to perk up your hair, especially in the summer. Find the look you want and how to make it at home.

Fighting frizz
If you've ever faced a frizz attack, you're not alone. For many women, frizz is a way of life — regardless of what Mother Nature's up to.

Seasonal tips

Our hair and the fall: like the leaves, it too falls! But is it normal?
As it is the case with dead leaves, this start-of-season “fall” comes back each year, between the end of August and the end of November. It lasts no longer than 4 to 6 weeks but it’s just enough to affect our morale, along with colder weather. What triggers it?

Our hair vs. the sun… Its likes and dislikes

The essentials
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