Health on a Platter
Health on a Platter

Oven Baked Cod on a Stuffed Manzanilla Olives and White Bean Salad
High proteins. Low in fat. 334 calories.

Tips & Shopping
Tips & Shopping

Be radiant for the Holidays
Fill your little flaws with microdermabrasion
Renew your skin with Botox

December 11th - Holiday makeup 3
December 11th - Holiday makeup 3

This year experience the enchantment of a decadent city holiday where days are filled with holiday shopping and nights with cocktail parties and galas.


Last articles: 1. The Foundation. 2. The Eyes

December - Holiday Gift Ideas
December - Holiday Gift Ideas

You're making a list and checking it twice... but finding the perfect Christmas gift for everyone isn't always easy. BelleMag can help, with suggestions for fabulous presents to slip under the tree.

Gift ideas for men - Azzaro, Jimmy Choo, Thierry Mugler, Burberry, Coach, Gillette and Lush

Gift fragrance ideas for women - Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Thierry Mugler, Chloé

Kitchen and lifestyle / For all gourmet and food lovers - Cucina by Fruits&Passion, Caffitaly

Gift ideas to pamper your love ones - Fruits&PassionDr.Hauschka, Ecoworld 

Gift ideas Home Style cocooning - Fruits&Passion, Clarins, Senseaura

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