Man's skin is not the same as a woman's skin

For men's only > Did you know that men's skin is different from women's?

Products meant for women's skin aren't recommended for men's, and vice versa. So ladies, avoid handing over your skincare products to your husband - even if his skin is dry, he's developing laugh lines or he has a pimple on the end of his nose!

It has smaller sebaceous glands
Contrary to popular belief, sebaceous glands in men are smaller than those in women. But since the absorption of active ingredients is primarily through these glands, which function in association with the microcirculation of blood, active ingredients and textures in skincare products must be adapted to this physiology.

It is oilier
Although sebaceous glands are smaller in men, testosterone generates a relatively higher amount of secretions. From the age of 50, these secretions slow down in men. Conversely, while sebaceous glands are larger in women, they secrete less because of estrogen production. This is why men's skin is oilier than women's and requires appropriate care. It is also more subject to acne and blemishes.

It is more delicate

Various factors explain the fragility of men's skin.

As stressed by its environment as women's skin (pollution, climatic conditions), men's skin is less protected and cared for, since men don't often use skincare products.

Daily shaving is also an aggravating factor. Not only does it destroy the hydrolipidic film which leads to a loss of natural protection, but it also often causes nicks and irritation. Thus the skin is sensitized, dehydrated, uncomfortable and irritated. In fact, we often talk about the discomfort of razor burn. Indeed, 83% of men say they suffer from irritation linked to shaving.

And it ages differently.

So there is a real difference between men's and women's skin

Men are beginning to be aware of this, but still need to be convinced to use specific professional skincare products.

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