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Tips & Shopping

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Becoming a Mother

Your skin is changing as your pregnancy progresses. It must adjust to tissues distension which occurs during these 9 months. You will find it different : more sensitive, more delicate and more reactive. Pay special attention to your skin at this time , using the most appropriate products and specially designed for that period (specially adapted products).

A beautiful skin is proof of femininity. You are becoming a mother, but of course are nonetheless a woman !

Practical advice to help prevent loss of skin firmness and to soothe breast tenderness

Stretch marks... No Thanks!


Baby skin - Practical advices to help prevent dryness

Practical advice on protecting baby's skin from the sun
Your child’s skin is immature, which makes it especially sensitive to external aggressions, particularly to the sun and its UV rays.

How to massage your baby
Baby massage is safe to practice from birth and can help create a bond between you and your baby.

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