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Tips & Shopping

Does your skin launch an SOS!
Is she thirsty? Does she lack comfort? Brilliance? Answer her in 10 minutes chrono with the Clarins Masks: SOS Hydra, SOS Comfort, SOS Pure

Suncare Essentials!

Contrary to popular belief it's not in August, the hottest month of the year, that the sun's rays are most harmful. It is rather towards the end of June, around the time of the summer solstice, that the sun hits the boiling point… so to speak.

Sunless Tanners
It's time to return to a glowing look and attitude with sunless tanners

Sunless tanners…
Little tips from Jacline for mature skin

Choose protection suited to your solar skin type
(also called your phototype)

Practical advice on protecting baby's skin from the sun

Protect your beauty capital for a dazzling tan

Certain substances or medication (e.g. antibiotics or anti-diabetics) increase photosensitivity (i.e. make your skin more sensitive to UV rays).

Sea or mountain
The sun our skin receives depends on six main factors

Foods that promote tanning

Top 10 Suncare Tips By Dr. Lydia Evans

Skin Types: Pigment and Ability to Tan
Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight affects everybody's skin to some extent, but the skin's response varies widely from person to person.

Sunburn whatis it + After sun skin soothers

Winter sun warning to protect skin during outdoor activities

All Natural

Foods that promote tanning

Your allie for a healthy complexion

To repair sunburn


Myths about the sun
Some answers to your
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