Tetley Super Teas to the Rescue for Fall and Winter

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Tetley is looking to brighten up the tea aisle this fall by introducing two new Super Tea flavours: SUNSHINE Lemon & Orange, fortified with Vitamin D and IMMUNE+ Peppermint and Ginger, fortified with both Zinc and Vitamin D.

These two new herbal teas were designed with the health of people in mind, to boost the immune system and increase Vitamin D intake - both of which are important year round and even more so during the colder and darker months. In fact, each cup of SUNSHINE and IMMUNE+ tea contain 23% of your daily recommended Vitamin D intake.


Tetley Super Herbal Tea: IMMUNE+ Peppermint & Ginger with Zinc and Vitamin D

Boasting all the great benefits of Tetley's popular original IMMUNE tea, the new Tetley IMMUNE+ packs quite the health punch, and comes just in time to help tackle cold and flu season! Each cup of IMMUNE+ contains 19% of your daily recommended Zinc intake, which helps to maintain the normal function of the immune system*. Plus, it includes Vitamin D that helps grow and strengthen bones. Featuring the delicious natural flavours of peppermint and ginger, IMMUNE+ is sure to become a new Super favourite!

Tetley Super Herbal Tea: SUNSHINE Lemon & Orange with Vitamin D

With fall fast-approaching, the times when we start feeling sun-starved are just around the corner. But this year in particular, as we continue to navigate COVID-19, we know that people will likely be in need of Vitamin D more than ever. Tetley SUNSHINE Super Herbal Tea to the rescue! Enhanced with Vitamin D that helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth, Tetley SUNSHINE Tea combines lemon and orange flavours for nicely balanced sweet, fruity and zesty notes - a warm and delicious ray of sunshine in a cup!


*This product is for adults only. Do not exceed 2 servings of tea bags a day. 

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