Sunglasses : Choosing the shape of the frame

Choosing sunglasses involves much more than picking a frame or style design
Part 2: Choosing the shape of the frame

Part 1: Choosing sunglasses

Choosing the shape of the frame

Here are the main points to look for in picking a style, which will complement the wearer's face perfectly:

  • Frame should follow face contours and cover it well. It should follow the arch of the brows (the top of the frame should come lower than brows or mid-brows, but should not cover brows completely, since oily secretions from brows and forehead would continually mar the lenses.
  • Glasses should not rest directly on face: this would soon become uncomfortable and would leave marks.
  • Frame should be proportionate to face width.
  • Temples should be of appropriate length (avoid too-short temples).
  • For plastic frames, it is important to check that the bridge (the middle of the frame) conforms well to the shape of the nose, since this will be impossible to change afterwards, even by adjustment.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, several aspects should be considered, such as face shape, complexion, brow shape and height, hairs color, the wearer's style, etc.

Here are a few pointers, which you might find useful:
Sunglasses : Choosing the shape of the frame 1
  • An oval face can wear all types of shapes, without any real limitations.
  • For a round face, avoid round frames, which would amplify the roundness of the face.
  • For a square face, avoid square frames and choose either an oval or round shape.
  • Avoid high bridges, which would call attention to a long nose. A better choice would be a low, straight bridge.
  • Do not pick a small frame for a large face: this would make the face look even larger. The reverse is also true: do not pick a large frame for a small face.

For the rest, trust your own aesthetic sense.


Top photo: Cartier sunglasses

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