2019 - Christmas cocooning gifts and little luxuries

Christmas cocooning gifts and little luxuries

You can slip a coupon into a Christmas stocking for a spa treatment, some pampering treat to create a spa atmosphere in the comfort of your home.

It is also the season to be tempted by small luxuries. Here are some darling products:

They consist of a simple nutrient-filled sheet mask that molds to the contours of your face. Just leave on for 10 minutes and gently massage the remaining solution into your skin. That's all. It's easy, quick and the result is fantastic. Make your choice:

Acai, blueberries, chia seeds (revitalizing), apricots (glowing)... It almost sounds like a shopping list - no surprise, because the masks are, for the most part, plant-based. Give a spa-quality treatment at home to your friends or work colleagues… or just for you whenever you need a dose of instant glow, to give your face the instant moisture it craves or whenever your skin feels extra-thirsty. Sold individually, St-Yves mask is a pampering gift that will be really appreciated and it slips beautifully into a Christmas stocking. Other brands also offer sheet masks in sheets. We even found some in Asian grocery stores.

Facial masks inspired by Korean beauty trends
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Sublime object!
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 This is one of the most beautiful repeat of this Lancôme Christmas collection: a rose ... which is not one. Discover La Rose à poudrer, a giant highlighting rose powder made of delicate textile encapsulated in a luxurious and festive gold box. Each petal contains a luminous gold highlighting powder to apply on cheeks and décolleté. Definitively the most magic highlighter that will bring an added touch of elegance to your bathroom.

And more
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Why not slip into a Christmas stocking a gift certificate at a spa to pamper your loved one

Think Bath products to match with his favorite fragrance

Be inventive this year!

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