What's behind our summer haircare woes? Fear of frizz!

For many people, summer means one thing: a frizzy hair fiasco caused by the humidity of hot summer days.

Why does summer cause frizzy hair?
Summer weather and lifestyle changes can have an effect on the structure, appearance and attractiveness of our hair.  

Here are the main causes of summer frizz: 

High humidity
Excess moisture in the air causes the hair shaft to swell. Hair increases in diameter as it absorbs this humidity, causing frizzy hair and making your hair look and feel dull. 

Prevention tip
Every day, use a shampoo and conditioner specially designed to control frizz. They'll help keep your hair smooth and improve its shine and softness.

Dry air
Unlike excess humidity, dry air can damage your hair by draining its essential hydration, leading to dry, fragile curls.

Prevention tip
To keep your hair smooth and prevent frizz, apply an anti-frizz treatment to your hair before styling. When drying, avoid crumpling or tousling it. Instead, let it dry in place as much as possible, gently separating the strands with your fingers.

Harm from the sun's UV rays
The sun's powerful UV rays tend to dry out our hair, dehydrating it even under cloudy conditions.

The sun's harmful rays can also bleach out our hair's color, leaving it dull and drab.

Prevention tip
Protect your hair from daily drying assaults. Use shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to moisturize and protect your hair against the dehydrating effects of the sun. It's always wise to wear a hat to keep your color from fading - and to protect your skin. 

Ocean water and chlorinated pool water
A word of advice to sirens who like to swim in the summer: Salt water and chlorine can damange your hair, making it dry, porous and fragile, and even giving it a greenish tinge.

Swimming pool water with chlorine contains copper particles that form copper salts. These can make their way into your hair, giving it a greenish tint, particularly with blond hair.

Prevention tip
Before going swimming, coat your hair well with a leave-in treatment to protect it. The treatment will help prevent salt and chlorine from penetrating your hair. To get rid of salt and chlorine residue, it's important to rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water after swimming.  

And don't forget the plane
Summer's the perfect time to travel, but the environment in airplanes can also cause problems for our hair.

Just as the environment in planes can affect our skin, the confined cabin air can dry out our hair, leaving it limp and lifeless.

Prevention tip
Give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment the day before travelling in order to keep it from drying out during the trip. Spray on a leave-in treatment during the flight to give extra protection and hydration and to get the upper hand on static electricity and wild hair. 

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