Smooth, Not Sausage-Like

Modern shaping solutions... Smooth, Not Sausage-Like

For every figure challenge, there is a way to compensate by accentuating the positive and camouflaging the negative. This can be accomplished without feeling too “sucked in” to be able to breathe.

There are a number of rules to keep in mind when selecting shapewear :

The shapewear garment should be comfortable when sitting or standing. Move around, sit down, pretend to walk up stairs and so on to ensure it stays in place

A shaping undergarment takes longer to get on and off. Gather it up and step into it, then pull it up slowly, making sure seams are in the right place and panels are straight

Avoid the frightening “sausage casing look” by steering clear of shapewear that is too small. Shaping pieces are already a snug fit – purchasing a size too small will not result in a thinner look

Finding a bra that fits properly can take years off a person’s look by eliminating sag and holding everything in place without any space or spillage. The band should fit snugly (but not too tight), and the support must come from the cups and band – not the straps

Be realistic!

Body shapers are designed to give support where there is none or smooth problem areas. This can result in an appearance that is slimmer and therefore a little taller.

Shapewear will never make a person look as though they have lost forty pounds


Thanks to Canadelle for their kind assistance
Underwear : Platex Shapewear
Fashion : Victoria's Secret

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