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A perfect diet food, fennel pairs well with fatty fishes and green fruits. The Greeks called it "marathon," a derivative of Mariano, meaning "to increase in slimness."

In the 17th century, William Coles suggested that all overweight women consume fennel either as an infusion or on its own as part of their daily diet. "Both the seeds, leaves and root of our Garden Fennel are much used in drinks and broths for those that are grown fat, to abate their unwieldiness and cause them to grow more gaunt and lank," he wrote.

Basic Recipe
  • Peel and slice the fennel bulb;
  • cook in a covered pan with just a little water to steam the fennel;
  • a few minutes before it is cooked, place shrimp or fish on top of the fennel; let
  • cook for a maximum of two minutes for shrimp, up to five minutes for fish;
  • remove from the pan and arrange on plates; season and serve

 Sprinkle the fennel and fish with a little melted butter and lots of lemon juice; or a drizzle of olive oil, etc.

  • Add 1 tsp. crushed fennel seed to 250 ml (1 cup) boiling water;
  • let steep 10 minutes;
  • strain and drink hot after a meal
Beauty Note

Fennel extract is a natural antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radicals that contribute to cell aging.

To find out more...

To learn more about fennel, consult The Worldwide Gourmet


N.B. MSCOMM has gathered this information from preventative and natural medicine and from the popular traditions of various countries for your information and enjoyment, but MSComm declines all responsibility as to its use and does not intend that it be used as a substitute for conventional medicine.

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