Today's style-conscious male is starting to clean up

For men only > Today's style-conscious male is starting to clean up
Spcial coollaboration: Dan Trepanier

Take a look around... men all over are starting to embrace a cleaner, dandier, well-groomed look. The coolest guy in your office is no longer the rebellious slacker who dresses sloppy and “doesn't care”. Instead, he’s now the best dressed and mostput-together. He wears a two or three-piece suit with a pocket square and he stands tall with a neatly groomed face.

This wide-scale change of opinion in the ideal male image (which is traditionally very slow and gradual) is due to a combination of factors:

1. A changing culture in menswear spurred by economic confidence, a new age of sharing opinions and resources, a quick-turnaround retail environment that supports and drives trends, and a world of customizable goods.

2. The influence of cleanly-groomed classic style icons, along with the male desire for timelessness.

3. A new generation of male “Influencers” in the media - movies stars, musicians, artists, athletes, etc. -who are cleanly groomed and use facial hair as an accessory.

4. The modern landscape of internet style icons, who often use facial hair as part of their persona.

5. The street style stars show trademark facial hair.

6. A new breed of more versatile, masculine and approachable menswear designers.

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