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Special collaboration: Dan Trepanier

Post-depression dandyism
The downturn of the economic markets in 2008 defined an era when men gravitated back toward a classic, rugged, durable, work-wear inspired look. Chunky boots, raw denim, flannel shirt, big scruffy beards, etc. Following that, however, as economic confidence grew (rightfully so or not) we are experiencing an environment more similar to the “roaring 20’s” where men are taking pride in looking elegant, clean and properly groomed. Facial hair is an accessory that men use to express themselves and complete their new “dandy” look.

Social sharing of opinions and resources
Publications on men’s fashion & style are more prevalent than ever. What was one a few pages in a magazine or two once a month is now a network overflowing with opinions, ideas, resources, guides, advice columns, etc. Social media devices have allowed mentoask specific questions and take on new perspectives through approachable content and participatory conversations.

Fast fashion retail
Globalization has created opportunities for apparel manufacturing that has never been more efficient or more cost effective. Major “fast fashion” retailers can release new designs on a weekly basis if needed -allowing consumers constant access to the latest trendsand “in” pieces, all at affordable prices. With more options than ever on the market, men are encouraged to actively put together a personal style that is all their own -this includes finding a hair style, and facial hair style, that works best with their image.

It’s a custom world and the individual is key
Just about anything can be custom-made (or customized) these days -from cars, to notebooks, to jeans, to suits. This is allowing men to take interest in the design process of products and inspiring men to learn about putting together they’re own curated lifestyle. They want to do it they’re own way, but they want to do it right. And along with their custom look, comes trademark facial hair.

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