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Is she thirsty?
Does she lack comfort and pull?
Does she lack brilliance?
Answer her in 10 minutes chrono.

Moisturize, purify, nourish… all are key steps in your beauty routine. To care for your face, Clarins has designed a range of three SOS masks with plant extracts which meet the needs of all skin types, at all ages. Which SOS launches your skin?

2018 - 01 - Does your skin launch an SOS! 1

SOS Hydra mask provides ideal moisture for thirsty skin, rebalancing the skin’s moisture reserves. Immediately refreshed and moisturized, skin is supple and feels “replenished”.It is “plumped”, more radiant and appears smoother and more toned. You can say goodbye to feelings of tightness and dehydration lines!

The hydrating PROS!
> Organic leaf of life extract helps power the skin’s natural hydration process to encourage multi-level hydration.

> The hyaluronic acid complex retains water inside the skin, giving an immediate “plumping” effect.

For an even more refreshing effect, store your SOS Hydra mask in the fridge. Now there’s a cool idea !

Because of its cooling cream-gel texture, remember to bring a tube on your next trip to the South!

2018 - 01 - Does your skin launch an SOS! 2

 Everyone dreams of velvety skin and a peachy complexion! If your skin feels rough and lacks comfort, pamper it with SOS Comfort mask which envelops and nourishes the driest skin by reinforcing its protective lipid barrier. The skin is radiant, comfortable, incredibly soft!

The mango PRO
> SOS Comfort mask contains mango oil and butter extracted from the kernel. Rich in fatty acids, they help protect the skin from dehydration and provide suppleness, softness and nutrition.

To encourage optimal absorption of your SOS Comfort mask, apply firm pressure with your hands. Leave it on all night and see its visible results in the morning!

2018 - 01 - Does your skin launch an SOS! 3

Designed for combination to oily skin prone to blemishes, shine and enlarged pores, SOS Pure mask purifies and restores matte, velvety-soft skin. Thanks to an effective combination of plant ingredients, skin texture is smoother, pores are tighterand the skin is visibly clearer.

The clear PROS
> Organic Alpine willow herb extract helps to limit shine and the look of pores while promoting matte skin.

> A combination of clays (white + green clay) absorb impurities, smooth skin texture and boost radiance.

Rinse off your SOS Pure mask with cold water, to maximize its astringent effect!

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