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During pregnancy, your breasts are swollen and painful, but nevertheless very beautiful ! And you want to keep them beautiful. When your breasts begin to swell, which is often one of the first signs of pregnancy, they feel tender and sometimes even painful, and you may see a network of bluish veins appear. Female hormones modify skin circulation, which causes these sensations of tenderness. These hormones are also responsible for an increase in the volume of the mammary gland. As breasts contain no muscles, their firmness is solely dependent on that of the skin. After birth, a drop in hormone levels will cause a reduction in breast volume. These changes, may lead to skin fragility and the loss of elasticity and firmness. You must therefore take care of your skin from the beginning of pregnancy, to make sure it remains firm.

Practical advice to help prevent loss of skin firmness and to soothe breast tenderness

Prevention must be initiated from the first trimester of pregnancy, by the application of specific care products for breasts.

Care for your breasts regularly to ensure the best possible efficacy.

Massage your breasts every day to preserve tissue elasticity. These massages should be made in a circular movement towards the middle of the breast, avoiding the nipple.

Maintain breast firmness with simple exercises that develop the pectoral muscles which support the breasts:
  • The Nutcracker

Palm to palm, with elbows at shoulder height, squeeze while breathing in, hold for three seconds and then breathe out: repeat 20 times.

  • The « D-U »

Say « D » in an exaggerated way, breathe in and say « U », pointing your lips and breathing out: repeat 15 times.


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