Baby Skin Protection

Baby's skin is immature and will progressively become functional during childhood years. During childhood, his skin remains delicate, often dry and not as well protected as adult’s skin, since the epidermis does not fully ensure its barrier function and the hydrolipidic film does not yet operate properly.

Baby's skin finds it difficult to protect itself from external aggression. It is easily irritated and subject to redness. Protection for baby's skin must therefore be enhanced by the daily use of appropriate, well-tolerated skincare products, as it absorbs substances much more easily than that of adults.

Practical advices to help prevent dryness

Ensure daily protection for baby's skin using a light-textured moisturizing cream and a body lotion.

Against climatic aggression such as cold and wind or in the case of dry skin, prefer an ultra-protective face-cream and an enriched body lotion.

For his lips and all sensitive, exposed areas of skin (cheeks, nose…), use a moisturising stick.

Cover vulnerable areas (head, nose, throat, ears, hands, etc.) with a hat, scarf, mittens, to protect them from both the drying action of cold weather and minor chills.

Don’t forget to check the skin behind the ears. This area is often forgotten but is quite often subject to redness or drying.

Avoid using aggressive products on baby's skin.

Always prefer skincare products adapted to a baby's skin, formulated with special care to minimize the risk of allergic reaction, and tested under dermatological control.

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