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Glamour, elegant with a Parisian touch this fall collection is an irresistible make-up!

Sothys sophisticated new makeup collection “Échappée parisienne” (Getaway in Paris) for Autumn/Winter 2018 has just been released. 

The collection features gorgeous warm tones of taupe that are perfect for the cooler months. In true Parisian style each product is packaged in a simple but chic way and are as wonderful to use as they are to look at. Sothys products are scientifically-based, cruelty-free and have been formulated in Paris since the brand was established in 1946.

Follow the guide: 

All start with foundation
2018 - Sothys Fall Make-up Collection 1

Teint transparent – Fixating Compact Foundation
Teint transparent plays the perfect role of a high-definition powder to set your make-up for longer wear.

The little plus: The new chic and modern case for the Teint transparent as well as the new elegant packaging for the Rouges à lèvres with a magnetic closure that makes them easier to open!

How to use it?
Apply the Teint Transparent after the concealers and foundation using the Sothys powder brush.
Perfect for touch-ups during the day.

Enhance your eyes!
2018 - Sothys Fall Make-up Collection 2

Step 1
Start by applying  Universal black eye pencil along the entire length of the lower and upper lash line, and then blend back and forth with the foam tip. Apply inside the eye along the top and bottom, then blend in.

Step 2
Then apply the Sothys Eyeshadow pencil over the entire eyelid using its precise and rounded tip, and blend with Eye brush 20. Then light up your eyes by adding a touch to the inner corner of the eye!

Step 3
Enhance the shape of your eyes with the help of the Calligraphy eyeliner for a more intense look by gently applying the eyeliner right along the upper lashes with its soft and supple pen tip, sweeping it from the centre of the eyelid towards the outer eyelid.

Step 4
To finish, highlight the eyes by applying the Eyeshadow pencil right along the lower lashes, stopping at the level of the pupil. 

Draw your brows
2018 - Sothys Fall Make-up Collection 3

Step 1
Start by filling the less dense areas of the eyebrows using the Eyebrow pencil, starting from the beginning of the eyebrow in small strokes, from bottom to top. Then work along the whole length using light sweeping strokes to redraw the shape of the eyebrow.

Step 2
Then, to thicken and densify the eyebrow, apply the Eyebrow powder from top to bottom, using the bevelled tip of the Eyebrow brush.

Step 3
Finally, blend in the product with the Eyebrow brush, combing from the beginning of the eyebrow to the tip.
Use dry or wet to achieve the intensity you prefer.

Enhance your Lips
2018 - Sothys Fall Make-up Collection 4

Discover the new packaging with its ever more chic and elegant design! Give in to the temptation of these two new lipstick shades for ultra-refined and glamorous make-up!

- A new shade of shimmering and sophisticated rosewood for Rouge intense Sothys, with a satin finish for smooth and comfortable lips! Its creamy texture is in perfect fusion with lips, enveloping them with a moisturizing and nourishing film.

- A new and seductive shade of plum for Rouge mat Sothys, with an intense matte finish for soft, velvety lips! This new formula offers a comfortable velvet feel added to a matt, second-skin effect for bold, elegant and sophisticated make-up.

Apply directly from the bullet or using a brush.

Add the final touch
2018 - Sothys Fall Make-up Collection 5

To add the final touch to your look, be charmed by the intense and luminous new shade of Vernis Sothys that is perfectly coordinated with Rouge mat Sothys prune République shade. A formula to care the nails and deliver a great plumping effect thanks to a flat brush for perfect coverage of the entire nail surface. 

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