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Our bodies are naturally covered with hairs, a distant reminder of Mr. and Mrs. Cro-Magnon. Depending on their hormonal and chemical make-up, some women tend to be as hairy as men, and suffer for it. Legs are the most affected areas, but arms, underarms, the bikini area (well, what extends beyond), etc. aren't spared. Hair removal is the only remedy for this problem.

There's nothing more unattractive than seeing lovely legs covered with unsightly hairs that create shadows under nylons and that would never be allowed on bare legs! Especially because these days, there are many new depilatory solutions available. Waxes today are less aggressive and legs appreciate being beautiful and uncarpeted! Let's take an in-depth look at hair-removal methods. There's sure to be one in the list to suit you.

What method should I choose?
depilatory cream
cold wax
hot wax
warm wax
laser hair removal 
intense pulsed light hair removal
long-term hair removal for darker skin

warm wax hair removal
bikini hair removal

Depilatory cream or milk

It acts like a razor, but in a slightly more pronounced way. The chemical substance dissolves the hair between the time it's applied and rinsed off, and the hair is gone with the water. Your skin is immediately soft. Regrowth time is a bit longer than with shaving, but hair still grows back fairly strong and actively. Neither hot or cold, it's perfect for women with circulatory problems, varicose veins, heaviness in the legs, etc. Once in contact with the skin, the depilatory cream dissolves the hair's keratin to disintegrate it - a little like nail polish remover - and all in record time (usually about 10 minutes).  And because there's a wide variety of products - mousse, gel, cream, roll-on - specially designed for bikini lines, underarms or legs, you can choose the formula you prefer. Once accused of being irritants, depilatory creams are now enriched with ultra-moisturizing and protective vegetable oils, so the integrity of your skin is preserved and redness almost non-existent. But despite all these precautions, it's essential to do a little tolerance test before using them: on your wrist, for example. If no reaction appears after two days,  you can use the product without risk of allergic reaction.

Cold wax

Designed to eliminate very fine hairs on small surfaces, it's the method recommended for removing unsightly fine facial hair (moustache, eyebrows, chin) or from very sensitive areas such as the underarms or bikini line. Quick and effective, it comes in the form of ready-to-use one-use strips that can be removed easily, leaving silky smooth skin for 15 to 30 days, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Intended for hair removal from small areas, it doesn't produce very good results on legs, but can nonetheless be a good alternative if you have serious circulatory problems in your legs.

Hot wax

This reusable wax has to be heated in an appliance or over hot water; but take care not to burn yourself. The wax strip is pulled off quickly. The wax has to be strained before being used again. Not very practical, and difficult to use. Don't forget to apply a moisturizing lotion to the area of your body that's been subjected to thisordeal!

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