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Unwanted curves, tone loss or heavy legs? What do we want? An effective, non-invasive treatment without surgery, adapted to our hyperactive lifestyle.

We went to one of the Epiderma clinics which uses Velashape technology to reshaping the contours of the body to know how it works.

VelaShape II: A non invasive technology

VelaShape combines four proven technologies in one single treatment

  1. infrared light,
  2. radiofrequency,
  3. massage rollers
  4. and suction.

The simultaneous use of these technologies help in reducing localized fat deposits, contouring and firming treated areas.

VelaShape radiates heat that penetrates subcutaneous tissue right down to the deepest layers of the skin; through radiofrequency and infrared light. Results may vary for every patient, but the treatment creates a tightening effect on existing collagen fibres, promotes blood circulation and helps in shrinking fatty tissue.

Contouring treatments can be performed on most areas of the body: thighs, tummies, buttocks, love handles, calves, arms and hips

This safe, non-invasive mechanism helps dissolve fat and is approved by Health Canada and the American FDA.

Do not entrust your body to anyone ...
To conclude, the golden rule that applies here, as for all medico-aesthetic care: inquire about the technologies used, the quality of the device used and the reputation of the clinic before stopping your choice.


 With the kind assistance of Epiderma

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