Slept badly or hardly slept?

Slept badly or hardly slept? 12 magical tips for weary mornings...

With shopping, parties and disrupted schedules, your body can feel listless and your complexion look wan - a disheartening sight when your mirror reveals all the signs of a too-short night. But up and at 'em! Instead of dragging yourself around, take our revivifying advice!

The shorter the night, the more you have to prepare by helping your skin and body rid themselves of toxins. Even if Morpheus is calling, take the time to thoroughly remove your make-up. Cleansing wipes are terrific for getting everything off in record time, even the most tenacious mascara. Rinse your face with cool water and finish with a toning lotion.

If you've got an ounce of strength left, apply Issima Midnight Secret from Guerlain. Designed to revive tired complexions, in a few short hours it gives your skin a healthy rested glow - just as if you'd had a full night's sleep. Nobody has to know about your wild night out!

Spring water gently awakens the skin by restoring micro-circulation, hydrating it and nourishing it with minerals. The night before, put some Evian in a spray bottle (do it before you go out so you don't forget). A little mist when you wake up and your sleepy cells will be rejuvenated. Another effective trick is to pass some ice cubes over your face in a circular motion: never directly on your skin but using a thin facecloth.

Also try placing the ice cubes on the nape of your neck for a few seconds - it's a good stimulant.

Even if you love a hot shower - or worse yet, a hot bath - forego it! It's fine before bed, but in the morning it will make you want to slip back under the covers. Soap up with warm water and finish with a cold rinse. For an even bigger boost, use a revitalizing shower gel.

Complexion still muddy? Go over your face with a cotton ball soaked with a revitalizing tonic.

Cold teabags used as compresses are a tried and true recipe. But there are other little fail-safe tricks you can use to reduce puffiness and give a lift to half-mast eyes. Before you shower, put two rounded teaspoons into the freezer. When you get out, gently massage your upper and lower eyelids with the convex side. You'll see - the effect is amazing.

If you're thinking ahead, prepare some cotton wipes moistened with cornflower water. Put them in a little container in the fridge and they'll be ready for you every morning.

Using a great product that has an immediate tightening effect and that also has the advantage of fixing my make-up (which, when you're tired, always has a tendency to smudge.) You can cheat with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm that tones your features and restores radiance and firmness to a tired complexion. It sets your make-up and even prevents the appearance of wrinkles - or try Elizabeth Arden's Good Morning Serum. It wakes up your complexion and eliminates signs of fatigue. It helps decongest and drain the skin to give it a fresh glow, making your make-up look more luminous.

As soon as you jump out of bed, pat the contours of your eyes with Guerlain's Eye Mythic. After a few minutes, the effects of fatigue will no longer show.

Stomach upset? Nevertheless, try to get down a little protein (cheese, yogurt, ham or egg). It has an instant stimulating effect. Pair it with some fruit for vitamins.

You can also use a juice extractor to make a vitamin-packed booster to fight fatigue and stress.

Using a revitalizing fragrance that perks up mind and body. Energy smells good! Enliven your senses with a burst of aromatic extracts of lime, green maté and osmanthus, toning your body and energizing your spirit with Lancôme's Aroma Tonic.

Put a little Clarins Tonic oil on your hands, rub them together and, before applying, breathe it in. The effect is guaranteed! Then apply the Tonic oil to your legs with gentle pressure, moving up from your ankles to your thighs, then all over your body. You'll feel energized and ready to go.

Experts agree. On days when you're tired, you should avoid layers of make-up, flat textures, bright colors and severe lines that draw attention to your features (eyeliner, eyebrow pencil…) Instead, bring as much softness and light as possible to your face. Use New Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Concealer by CoverGirl on shadow zones to effectively and naturally hide signs of fatigue, dark circles and little imperfections. Limit yourself to a light base or tinted lotion, a peach or apricot blush applied to all the rounded parts of your face, and a touch of concealer dabbed under your eyes. For your lips? Something, bright, natural and shiny. Finally a white or pastel t-shirt, says Olivier Échaudemaison of Guerlain: it's like fabric "make-up" for those pale tired mornings.

Think pink as well… It's great for erasing fatigue to make you look great. Not just any pink, however. To be flattering, it should be light, translucent, satiny and tending towards peach tones.

Are you feeling sleepy in the middle of the day? Get your energy back with this breathing exercise recommended by massage specialist Galva Ortega. Taken from yoga, this "bhastrika" movement stimulates, warms and purifies. Standing or sitting, with your back straight, breathe deeply as you raise your arms, palms facing down, then bring your hands down to your waist, breathing out hard. Raise your arms again and repeat 5 to 10 times.

Galya Ortega has another anti-fatigue tip: with the pad of your thumb, press fairly forcefully on the point where your wrist bends, in line with your thumb. Turn ten times in one direction, then ten in the other. Still using the fleshy part of your thumb, press on the points at the top of your nose, then pinch and massage the skin. Finally with closed fists, tap on the small of your back with both hands at least 20 times.

When your energy is lagging, nothing's more stimulating than a few drops of essential oil of peppermint on the nape of the neck, temples or the inside of the wrists to give you a lift when body and spirit are flagging.

I must admit that this article was inspired by another one that appeared in Figaro Madame a few years ago. It's been running through my head for a long time. I've tried out many of these tips for myself, and added some of my own little tricks and favorite products. I'm happy that I can share my revitalizing secrets with you… so you can thumb your nose at your alarm clock!

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