Modern Style

Style - Modern

In a few words, her style is…
Elegant, flowing, comfortable, Italian

Active, pleasant, calm, conciliatory, modern, humane, liberal, mediatory, open

Underlying values
Tolerance, listening, relationships

Fashion style
Stylized, distinguished, elegant, comfortable, simple, classic, functional, refined/minimalist

Preferred fabrics
Flowing, soft fabrics
Monochromatic, muted colours

Her designer shopping will lean towards
Armani, Cerruti, Calvin Klein
DKNY, Zara, Mango, Gérard Darel

Her accessories will focus around…
Pieces that are simple, abstract in style and high-quality, suited to the outfit

Her makeup
Makeup that is natural-looking and subtle, in earthy tones except for lips, which can be bolder


  • Enjoys changing hairstyles along with trends
  • Off the face
  • Comfortable with layering and shoulder-length for women
Her perfumes – they complete her signature style. She will choose between…
  • J'adore
  • Chanel : Coco Melle, Chance
  • Miracle
  • Parfum d'été
  • Cacharel : Anais Anais, Noa
  • Pleasures
  • 5th Ave
  • Eternity
  • Aqua Di Gio
  • La Perla Blu
  • Armani Mania, 1881
  • Polo Blu
  • Eau d'issey (today)
  • Omnia Crystalline
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