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Fragrance for women
House: Yves Rocher
Designer: Véronique Nyberg
Creation : Spring 2013
Olfactory group: musky floral

A symbol of subtle and delicate femininity, this unique musky floral creation based on Neroli provides a sensual and refined sensation of freshness thanks to its exceptional raw materials.

The bottle
Neroli Secrets d'Essences 1

Remaining true to Secrets d’Essences’ iconic codes, the original bottle is now white from the collar to its base, pristine and almost opalescent.

Neroli Secrets d'Essences 2

To create NEROLI SECRETS D’ESSENCES, Yves Rocher used exceptional raw materials derived from Bitter Orange plantations. First, the «Petitgrain Bigaradier», extracted from
the eponymous Orange tree leaves. These leaves, when rubbed between the fingers, exude exactly - it is even surprising - the taste of the fruit’s zest. Bitter and powerful.

There is Mandarin, colourful, quite sweet, impertinent and joyful. The idea of youth, a juice that fans out like laughter. Simply irresistible.

Further along is the breath of Neroli and that of the Orange blossom absolute, which are often used together to counter balance each other. What is the difference? Neroli is an essential oil distilled by inflorescences. One kilo of this essence is obtained from a ton of fresh flowers. The Orange blossom absolute is the quintessence. The first one is more delicate, like a floating effluvia in the morning air; the second one is openly honeyed and sensual. A perfect natural harmony, between opulence and innocence, definitively and irreparably seducing.

Finally, we find Musk scents on the base - without which we couldn’t imagine a modern perfume - that evoke the almost tactile effect of the softest skin. The fragrance is like as a delicate caress on your skin.

Neroli Secrets d'Essences 3

«This perfume is my tribute to Neroli. It emanates all the extractions of Bitter Orange.

The head notes
give off the essence of Bitter Orange from the fruit, while the essence of Petitgrain from the leaf gives it a lovely sophisticated freshness, accentuated by Bergamot.

The heart notes
express the luminous, sensual and voluptuous scent of the flower, thanks to Orange blossom
absolute and Neroli.

The base notes
envelop you in a lingering soft caress of voluptuous Musk.»

Véronique Nyberg, perfumer.


50 ml spray
200 ml Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel
and a 200 ml Perfumed Body Lotion

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