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Fragrance for women
House: Jesus del Pozo
Designer: Max gavarry
Lauching: 1997
Olfactory group: oriental floral

What a beautiful time to talk about this fragrance during Halloween but there is nothing terrifying. It is a magical potion with the power to cast spells, the duality of innocence and mischief, flirtation and indifference, daring and shyness. It went on the market in 1997 by the perfumer Max Gavarry who worked with the greatest haute couture house like Prada, Paloma Picasso, Lalique, Guy Laroche, Grès, Emmanuel Ungaro, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior.

Halloween became a success radiply a success story in Spain, it is a fragrance for seductive women, with a romantic and captivating touch.She is an enchanting and seductive woman; the magic of her perfume captivates us and attracts us like a magical potion.


Top notes
Seas of Alaska, green lime of Cozumel, bokhol green banana.

Heart notes
Magnolias of Casablanca, Arezzo violets, Camargue muguets, Yunnan tuberose, pink pepper of Aruba.

Bottom notes
Sandalwood of Misora, Juba incense, myrrh of Tana, vanilla of Madagascar.

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