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Fragrance for women - EDT
House : Oscar de la Renta
Perfumer : The nose behind this fragrance is Harry Fremont who created several fragrances for Calvin Klein and Pure Radiance for Céline Dion.
Launched in : 2019
Olfactory group : chypré floral

Introducing Bella Rosa, the new fragrance from Oscar de la Renta. Bella Rosa captures the femininity and elegance of a woman. It reveals her graceful playfulness that draws those around her. Expanding the theme of the original Bella Blanca the new flanker brings out a springtime fantasy, with a bursting bouquet of colors in a dream of playful intricacies and at the same time honors the house's passion for flowers with attention to detail.

Enter the secret garden of Bella Rosa and be captivated by its addictive romance, a floral scent to make you feel joyful and sensual!

The bottle
Bella Rosa 1

The beautiful bottle repeats the specific design of the Bella Blanca edition from 2018 with light pink flowers and a rose gold metal plate upon which the fragrance name and the brand are engraved. The cap is pink gold and perfectly matches the three-dimensional flowers of the same gentle pink shade on the body of the bottle.

The notes
Bella Rosa 2

The Oscar woman, Bella is charming and undoubtedly beautiful and sparks the inspiration for this new romantic fragrance. With her flirty and playful persona and the sensual intricacies woven into the composition the vision was to capture the elegance and feminine sensuality over the contrasts of soft and scintillating fruits and florals with silky textured woods touched with airy gourmand tonalities as explained by Harry Fremont - Master Perfumer (Firmenich).

Pink pepper - Freesia - Mandarine

Rose - Jasmin - Iris

Patchouli - Bois de Santal - Ambre


Advertizing photo-model : Zhanna Brass

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