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Perfume for women
Designers: Amandine Maret for Thierry Mugler
Lauching: september 2011
Olfactory group: orientaux gourmands

Angel, the first perfume by Thierry Mugler, evokes the emotion of tender childhood memories together with a sense of dreamlike infinity.

Angel, which launched a new fragrance category called the "oriental gourmands," seduces us with angelic flavors found deep within the heart of our memories, as well as sensual and passionate notes.

Bergamot, Hedione, Helional, Honey, Dewberry, Red Berries, Vanilla, Caramel, Patchouli, Chocolate, Coumarin.

Pure. Soft. Innocent.

2013 - Angel Aqua Chic
Angel - EDT 1

Pulpy freshness of rose water combined with a raspberry blossom-green apple granite accord

Born of Thierry Mugler’s childhood memories, the Angel fragrance struck a double cord when it was created in 1992: its oriental-gourmand trail not only challenged current trends and initiated the family of gustative fragrances, but its composition included no floral notes … Breaking with this initial choice, today Thierry Mugler opts for the most majestic of flowers to lighten the oriental signature of Angel: the rose… A delicate and acidulated rose water unravels at the heart of Angel Aqua Chic and blends with a fruity and juicy raspberry blossom and green apple granite accord, to refresh the most voluptuous of Mugler’s creations. A delicious and unsuspected harmony resonates at the heart of Angel Aqua Chic, a unique combination which tempers the patchouli-vanilla oriental trail and transforms Angel into a pulpy scent, with a very summery, fruity edge. A floral oriental fresh fragrance signed by Louise Turner for Givaudan. The iconic star is refreshed by a mirror effect The blue star takes on a new refreshing sophistication: for the first time, an elegant silver metallic veil enhances the facetted glass and highlights the airy lightness of Angel Aqua Chic. EDT Light 50 ml.

2015 - Angel Eau Sucrée
Angel - EDT 2

Angel Eau Sucree indulges in the sweet dreams of childhood with decadent delight. This limited-edition fragrance plays up the gourmand notes of the classic Angel - an olfactory candy, born of a whirlwind of tangy freshness and angelic delights.

The Eau Sucrée bottle is swathed in succulent translucent blue, crispy like a candy Illuminated with pearly glints. The iconic star revisits the best of childhood : sprinkled with sugar, it seems to transform into an irresistible candy treat

Red Berry Sorbet, Caramelized Meringue, Patchouli, Vanilla.

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