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Fragrance for women
House : Boucheron
Designer : Carlos Benaïm
Launching : fall 2012
Olfactory group : woody floral

The Fragrance that is a Jewel.
A pink city worn on the wrist

From the very beginning, the House of Boucheron has taken inspiration from the East for the creations. India in particular – a far away land, synonymous of star-studded dreams and precious lucky charms – and specifically Jaïpur have attracted jewelers the world over who come to admire the country’s inspirational atmosphere. Among them was Louis Boucheron, son of founder Frédéric Boucheron, who fell endlessly in love with Rajasthan as soon as he saw the region on his first trip in 1909.

The maharajahs opened the doors of their palaces to him, unveiling the secrets of their jewellery and rare stones. These voyages led to a relationship of trust, spurring the Maharajah of Patiala to select Boucheron to produce innovative jewels, thus benefiting from the jeweller’s unequalled amount of exceptional know-how. The Maharajah thus sent a collection of 1,432 emeralds and 7,571 diamonds to Place Vendôme in August 1928 so that the gems could be transformed into 149 pieces of jewellery reflecting rare beauty.

During their many years of collaboration, Louis archived dozens of sketches which continue to inspire modern-day creations.

Since 1994, Jaipur - the name of a pink city of Rajasthan - has been inspiring Boucheron perfumes. After Jaïpur for women and for men, in 2012, the jewelry house presents Jaïpur Bracelet. This sweetly exotic fragrance is an invitation to travel to the heart of India. This jewel of a perfume is aimed at intense, self-confident women. Jaïpur Bracelet is a ‘declaration of elegance whose only jewel is its scent,’ Boucheron confides.

A captivating femininity caressed by light, Jaipur Bracelet tells a falsely innocent sensuality, deliciously contrasted with a natural freshness. Like a jewel whose brilliance attracts looks, Jaipur Bracelet reveals itself on the skin where it develops fully its intensely desirable notes.

A woody floral fragrance, echoing desire
Jaïpur Bracelet 1

With the elegance that graces the values of House of Boucheron, Jaïpur Bracelet envelops skin in a veil of sensuality. Of bigarrade, the fragrance has kept but the green of the essential oil. An effervescent sensation of citrus fruits is relayed by the freshness of violet leaves, basil and the lemon scent of verbena.

Behind this innocence lies an opulent heart of petals, lace of lily of the valley. Delicate undertones of hyacinth. Silky sheen of marigold, the fruity flower known as the carnation of India.

As mysterious as the city which inspired it, the fragrance reveals yet another facet. Intensely sensual, the charnel notes of cashmeran combine with the woody aromatic notes of cypress and powdery finish of concrete iris. A sensual wave rises, as a bracelet clasped around a wrist.

Boucheron’s Jaïpur Bracelet unveils an opening of petit-grain and violet leaf paired with waves of basil and lemon verbena and lemongrass.

The floral heart is an all-white bouquet of lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth and tagete (a flower with a fruity fragrance, also called Indian marigold).

The trail is woodsy, slightly ambry and irisy with Cashmeran, Cypress, and Iris Concrète.

Talisman bottle
Jaïpur Bracelet 2

A lucky charm, the Jaïpur bracelet bottle offers all the sensuality of its inspirational Rajasthan, with a shape that is essentially a refined version of the famous cabochon. This jewel case, made of pale pink-tinted glass, is a tribute to the Pink City’s palaces, sculpted like a hanging bracelet.

With its amethyst cabochon, the institutional colour of the House, the bottle, curved like a woman’s form, celebrates the softness of nude skin. A precious object that immediately inspires the desire to pick it up and hold it within the palm of one’s hand.

A jewel of a fragrance
Jaïpur Bracelet 3

Set against naked skin in the advertising campaign, Jaïpur Bracelet gleams against a slim waist and voluptuous hips. Light and shade play, hinting at every curve without ever revealing them. Lain against the body like an olfactory extension of it, Jaïpur Bracelet reveals feminity with the greatest subtlety. A declaration of an elegance that is adorned only by its fragrance: Jaïpur Bracelet.

Jaïpur Bracelet 4

EDP natural spray 100ml / 50ml
Scented Body Lotion 200ml
Scented bath & Shower gel 200ml
Pot of scented cream 200ml

Jaïpur, the pink city
Jaïpur Bracelet 5
2013 - a lighter scent recreating the extremely colourful and joyful universe of India
Jaïpur Bracelet 6

The fragrance celebrates a festive spring in the Jaïpur garden.

Perfumers wanted to recreate the richness of Jaïpur Bracelet in an extremely colourful and joyful universe, reflecting the unique beauty of Rajasthan. They wanted the perfume to resonate like a tribute to its unique luminosity, the brightness of its jewels and the richness of colourful cloth worn by women.

It is a floral-fruity-woody fragrance with top notes of mandarin, red currant and raspberry.
In the heart, a rose-lychee duo brings an exotic touch to the crystalline floral signature hyacinth-lily of the valley of the original fragrance.
The dry-down keeps the voluptuous woody-orris notes that give this precious and elegant trail.

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