Eau Fraîche Bronze Goddess

Eau Fraîche Bronze Goddess Skincent

Perfumer: Estée Lauder
Year of creation : 2008
Olfactory Group: Solar Floral

The fragrance that worships every inch of you.
First, the news. Estee Lauder, which is one of the best companies at doing both business and keeping in mind the public good, have decided to continue producing a replacement for the beloved - no strike that - the wildly popular Tom Ford Azurée Soleil. As the Tom Ford contract with Estee Lauder expired recently, this was the best move to undertake for legions of fans of the summery oil and skinscent.
This Eau fraîche launched in March is accompanied by not only body lotion, and body oil, but with the whole decorative cosmetic collection of the same name which includes rouges, eye shadows, bronze powders, nail polishes, etc.

Inspired by warm sunny days and the heat of summer, Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent excites with its olfactive composition, a great beach scent with the best of aromas from both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.


Top Notes: Sun-Drenched Citrus
Bright Sicilian Bergamot and Mandarin energize the introduction of the fragrance.

Middle Notes: Intoxicating Flowers
A heart of pure Tiare Milk captures a luxuriant tropical beach scent, reminiscent of Tahitian Gardenia Petals steeped in pure Coconut Oil. Sun-drenched Orange Flower Buds, bright Jasmine, creamy Magnolia Petals and droplets of Myrrh convey a relaxing, sensual feeling.

Base Notes: Creamy Warmth
A dash of luxurious Amber helps to sustain the warming sensation, elegantly enhanced by Sandalwood, smooth Vetiver, luscious Caramel and nourishing Coconut Cream.

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