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Designer: Guerlain, Delphine Jelk
Launch: 2024
Olfactory group: Floral

As the latest emotive addition to the Aqua Allegoria collection, the GUERLAIN Florabloom captures all the magic of a desert superbloom and the intoxicating spectacle it provides for the senses. This incredible expression of Nature’s power has inspired Guerlain in the creation of a radiant new bouquet for Florabloom, a fragrance available as an Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum Forte.

Brought to life by a mango accord, true-to-Nature tuberose radiates from the heart of a multicoloured bouquet to create a dazzling Eau de Toilette fragrance. Bursts of citrus-filled sunshine glimmer to reveal an exclusive blend of bold tuberose, tuberose absolute, and a strikingly realistic CO2 extraction of Indian tuberose. Next comes delicate centifolia rose from Grasse, which meld with powerfully blue powdery shades of violet and iris. Lastly, lingering soft green moss ensures Florabloom’s signature continues to glow with addictively vivid colour and lasting fresh softness for hours.

Here, by taking Florabloom’s signature and giving it all the fervour of Aqua Allegoria Forte’s Eaux de Parfum collection, Delphine Jelk reflects the scene with characteristic warmth. Showcased by the bold warmth of sandalwood and depth of moss, Florabloom’s floral bouquet pulsates like a desert landscape ablaze with intoxicating color and scent.

Made entirely and exclusively in France without compromising on shimmer and clarity, Aqua Allegoria’s emblematic bottle is made from 15% recycled glass. Designed to be reused, the spray nozzle can be unscrewed for refills. Each easy-to-use 200ml refill comes designed with a handy non-drip system and is compatible with both 75ml and 125ml bottle sizes.

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