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Fragrance for women

Perfumer: Gérard Anthony
Original fragrance: 1995
Lotus flower version: 2011
Olfactory group: aqua-oriental

Mystery, the exotic, the Orient that one fantasises about, Nilang suggests a forceful imagination and embodies the dream name of a Lalique perfume.

Nilang blossomed nicely some years ago. The hint of a river, the memory of a flower… The mystery remains intact. Nilang takes the imagination along with it, transports you to delicately perfumed banks and rediscovers itself in a new flacon, a classical embodiment in the family of Lalique perfumes.

In the extraordinary garden of Nilang, a homage to the astonishing flower of the lotus blooms. Magnificent, extravagant and aquatic, the flower of the lotus embodies a symbol of purity, harmony and spiritual development. The food of forgetfulness in the “Odyssey”, the lotus is the infinite source of inspiration blooming in a luxuriant universe.

Extrait de parfum - crystal flacon
Nilang (2011 – lotus flower) 1

For the Extrait de Parfum, Lalique has created a new flacon: round, sensual, tactile, a crystal sphere nobly presenting two delicate, blossoming lotus flowers. Intertwined, petal against petal, the two flowers present themselves in a bouquet, their stems merging together at the discovery of the delicious nectar. For the flacon, made by four craftsmen, the crystal is mouth blown. Then the stopper is made using the traditional technique of pressing, requiring five master glass makers to work together.

The two elements are shaped and finely polished. The pistils of the blossoming flowers are decorated with gold. The seals of the stopper and flacon, signed and numbered by hand, are delicately made using emery before the stopper and flacon are fitted together. Finished with a traditional ribbon and seal, and decorated with a golden thread, this infinitely feminine flacon is placed in its precious case.

In this Crystal Flacon, the Extrait – the heart note – glorifies a bouquet of white flowers and develops into a heady and voluptuous tuberose enlivened by a sweet rose. The dry down note adds creamy sandalwood to the vanilla and patchouli. The codes of elegance and refinement apply to this new interpretation of the glass flacon containing the Eau de Parfum.

Eau de parfum - classic flacon
Nilang (2011 – lotus flower) 2

Vertical, geometric, the flacon has parallel ridges, like threads trimming the transparency of the glass. Shiny white, the case is crossed by the same but golden embossed lines. The name, Nilang, is printed geometrically on a golden ribbon. At its top, the case renders discrete homage to the flower that inspired this line with an outline of a lotus flower ready to blossom.

Nilang (2011 – lotus flower) 3

The top note is an imaginary hint of the lotus flower with fresh and lightly edible notes of peach, mandarin and melon, watery fruits.

Luminous, the heart note honours the splendour of the flowers: freesia, water jasmine, clove flower brought out with a fruity touch of wild blueberries.

Sensual, the dry down note brings together amber, vanilla, praline, sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

Between these two different universes, an addictive fragrance is created by a subtle game of opposition. A marriage of freshness and sensuality


Glass Flacon - Eau de Parfum, 50 and 100 ml.
Crystal Flacon - Extrait de Parfum 100 ml, Numbered and Signed Edition.

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