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The hunt for egg-ceptional Easter treats stops here! Fill your baskets with our suggested goodies that even make the Easter Bunny jealous. Think beauty treats.

Completely gourmand at Fruits&Passion
2015 - 04 - Easter gift ideas 1

For gourmet, Cucina launches Sea Salt and Amalfi Lemon collection. This fragrance captures the gentle spirit of the sun-kissed Mediterranean. Fresh notes of Amalfi lemon paired with aromatic cypress give way to a warm and delicate fleur de sel heart. Inspired by an exquisitely flavoured dish, this scent blends perfectly with recipes featuring lemon and seasonings.
Specially designed for use in the kitchen, Cucina Hand Soap contains extra virgin olive oil and other olive derivates with purifying properties while leaving skin’s moisture barrier intact. This natural-source product leaves skin smooth and fragrant and comes in an elegant glass bottle with contemporary design.
Also available: Hand soap refill, Regenerating hand cream and Fragrant kitchen mist. Gourmand! 

Complete your Easter basket in the same spirit with a box of fleur de sel, sea salt caramels and candied lemons.

Sparkling at Lush
2015 - 04 - Easter gift ideas 2

Filled with four easter inventions the Funny Bunny will treat children of all ages to the joys of spring. It contains an adorable bunch of carrots to hop into the tub with piles of rich, frothy lemon-bergamot bubbles. With carrots, there is always a rabbit nearby! Hoppity Poppity is filled with vibrant green popping candies, so it will crackle, pop and hop all over the tub. Easter will not be complete without eggs. At Lush, they created The Immaculate Eggception - giant fizzy eggs containing a secret surprise. You’ll just have to crack the Bath Bomb shell to find out. Soak and enjoy the energizing ylang ylang, grapefruit and vanilla scents to get back in shape.
Have fun during bath time All of these goodies are wrapped up in an organic cotton Knot-Wrap from re-Wrap: a women’s co-operative in India. So sweet!

Hoppity Poppity Knot-Wrap
2015 - 04 - Easter gift ideas 3

Wrap up your Easter goodies in this adorable reusable Knot-Wrap! Not only will it make your gift look festive with its golden eggs, bunnies and carrots, you can rest easy knowing you're taking it easy on the environment too. Each Hoppity Poppity Knot-Wrap is made from two recycled plastic bottles

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