July 2009

New Products

Inositol Végétal Skin Optimizer by Yves Rocher
July 2009 1

A natural healthy glow all year round! With a low concentration of self-tanning agent suitable for daily use, the light, melting texture hydrates* your skin and illuminates it with a light, natural, gradual tan, perfectly even and non-streaky. The first wrinkles are smoothed away! Derived from green rice, Inositol Végétal can boost the cellular respiration to reactivate the skin’s key functions: hydration*, protection, self-repair. This agent actively combats the ageing cycle by acting directly at its source.* By permeation of the upper layers of the epidermis

Flawless looking legs with any style of shoes
July 2009 2

This Summer, flawless legs are possible while sporting the strappiest sandals with the 2 new DIM’s pantyhose. They are light, transparent and offer legs a tanned, even and natural complexion thanks to a unique thread and colour palette.

Teint de Soleil Toeless - Now it’s possible to wear sandals all summer-long and still have absolutely flawless looking legs. Perfect with every type of sandal thanks to a thong like design leaving the toes bare and providing ultimate invisibility, these pantyhose will become a staple with every spring outfit. Celebrate beautiful looking legs with shorts, sun dresses and skirts and feel confident wearing the most summery footwear.

Teint de Soleil Anti-Sliding - These pantyhose enhance your legs as subtly and naturally as a light covering of foundation and are perfect with open-toed and backless shoes. Now there is no excuse for legs not to look their best! They feature invisible toes and anti-sliding soles that bring stability to the foot ensuring comfort and confidence even with backless shoes.

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