The role of vegetables in your diet

Vegetables' benefits have been known for thousands of years. It's in the spring that our bodies are most in need of a tonic: they need to be cleansed and detoxified.

Vegetarian cooking

Many people associate vegetarian cooking with "healthful" cooking, but when vegetables are braised in butter or covered in cheese sauce and gratinéed, the "health" factor is lost beneath the camouflage!

On the other hand, raw, steamed or stir-fried vegetables can be a great source of nutrients and vitamins, providing our body with the support it needs to regain vigor and beauty.

We suggest a big pot of vegetable soup, containing lots of cabbage, to be eaten at every meal for five days to throughly cleanse the system.

The top 10 low-cal veggies

Cucumber - 12 / 100 g
Celery - 13
Lettuce - 13 to 18
Endive - 20
Radish - 20
Bell peppers - 22
Tomato - 22
Spinach - 25
Asparagus - 25
Cabbage - 27

Often when making a salad, we don't realize just how many calories we've assembled. After all , it's just a salad! But remember peas have 70 calories, salsify 77 and avocado 161!

Our allies

Asparagus – Diuretic because of the asparagine it contains. Depurative, tonic. Cooked. 

Carrot – Carrots, in juice form, are useful for revitalizing the liver and are an excellent morning tonic.

Celery – Excellent for slimming, since it satisfies hunger while being low in calories. Diuretic and tonic – plain.

Chicory (Endive)
Useful for reducing – in the 18th century, when people commonly ate heavy high-fat meals, the French aristocracy embraced a new, lighter cuisine. To those suffering from indigestion, gout, apoplexy and kidney complaints because they continued eating rich foods, doctors of the new school recommended fasting and an inner cleansing using wild chicory infusions, a 24-hour treatment that can be repeated after 2 weeks if necessary.

The Romans believed that cabbage chased away melancholy. Very rich in vitamins and minerals, cabbage provides the elements necessary to revitalize us after the winter when our system tends to be at a low ebb.

Detoxifier, revitalizer – plain

Eggplant – Diuretic. A stimulant for the liver and intestines. Eggplant contains elements that trap cholesterol in the intestines, which then eliminate it from the body. It thus helps prevent the fatty build-up that can form around the heart. Cooked to a purée.

The dieter’s companion, fennel is a good match for fatty fish and green fruits. Greeks called it “marathon,” derived from “mariano,” meaning to slim down.

Good for slimming because it is low in calories, and can be eaten raw as an appetite suppressant.


N.B. MSCOMM has gathered this information from preventative and natural medicine and from the popular traditions of various countries for your information and enjoyment, but MSCOMM declines all responsibility as to its use and does not intend that it be used as a substitute for conventional medicine.

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