Spring leeks

As summer draws near, detoxify your body with spring leeks. Easily digestible and bursting with nutrients, they're indispensable for revitalizing your skin and regaining your flat tummy before the summer holidays arrive: days of swimsuits and skimpy sun dresses! So, hurry - sweep away the effects of winter and put on a radiant spring glow.

To Pierre Dukan, a medical nutritionist, "the spring leek's biggest asset is its high fiber content. It cleanses the body and makes it easier to achieve that flat stomach. Along with the many vitamins found in the green leaves, fiber makes the spring leek an essential part of the weight and beauty regimen of anyone getting ready for summer."

To brighten your complexion, make a broth from spring leeks. It has a natural diuretic effect, trapping harmful substances and flushing them out of your body. It's a veritable "sponge," soaking up sugars, calories and cholesterol. It's the perfect spring-cleaning tonic, purifying the body and making your skin radiant. What's more, it's an easy - and enjoyable - way to slim down.

Prepare your skin for the sun
Keep in mind that the green leaves of spring leeks are edible! They alone contain 100 times more beta-carotene and twice as much vitamin C as the white parts. They're full of vitamin E… which can't be said of all vegetables. So the magic combination of vitamins A + C + E, powerful antioxidants, plays an active role in protecting the skin, strengthening our immune defenses and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. With this "dream team," your skin will get its color back and ready itself for the summer sun.

Ready for that bikini!
Get back that flat tummy quickly with the help of spring leeks. Low in calories (only 30-35 per 100 g) spring leeks are also richer in minerals, antioxidant vitamins and fiber than winter leeks. With their high fructosan and potassium content, spring leeks effectively battle water retention and circulatory problems. Say goodbye to excess swelling!

A natural appetite-suppressant
Light and low in calories, spring leeks help fight obesity and excess weight with an important advantage for those who want to slim down: fiber! Young leeks have a high fiber content which suppresses hunger by providing a quick "full" feeling. Their soluble and insoluble fiber regulates intestinal activity, reduces bloating and helps you achieve that flat stomach… all of which will make you happy!

Spring leeks arrive on the stalls in early May, bringing with them a breath of spring. Treat yourself!

Spa cuisine

Gilles Demaure, chef of the Royal-Thalasso Barrière in La Baule, France, is an expert in spa cuisine and shares some valuable insights with us from his cooking philosophy.

"Simply blanched and served in a hot or cold first course, in rounds in a light soup, rolled for tapas, or sliced into sections to accompany any kind of fish or white meats… I love spring leeks!

"They're perfectly-suited to a quick, light cooking style. From pale to dark green, they retain their lovely shades when cooked and allow me to create cheerful, elegant plates. As soon as they appear on my menu, the questions begin."

Why leeks - aren't they a winter vegetable?
The little leek is definitely not well-known enough…

To find out more about leeks, consult The Worldwide Gourmet

or Spa Cuisine

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