Beautiful Legs in Every Season > In Fall

Beautiful Legs in Every Season > In Fall
Benefit from these tips from Julie Ferrez, fitness and wellness coach to the stars.

Get into the best physical shape to maintain your legs. Here are this fall’s tips for staying sexy:

1 – Limit sugary foods after 5 p.m. It’s at that precise time that your metabolism slows down, so don’t load it up with sugars, because it will store them. Opt instead for foods rich in proteins like nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), yogurt, apples which are high in fiber, etc.

2 – Begin some aquatic activity. It’s great for your legs and your blood circulation. Try aquabiking, flippers, aquagym. You’ll feel like you’re still on holiday! Once a week in addition to your 30 minutes a day is optimal!

3 – Extend your tan for as long as possible. Choose a moisturizing oil to apply to damp skin after showering. It’s an opportunity to give yourself a massage to activate your blood circulation and maintain beautiful skin.

4 – Loosen up! Relaxed muscles are extended muscles. Every morning, wake up your body with the upside down dog posture. Start on all fours, then stretch out your legs and push your arms. Bend your head down toward your knees and hold while you breathe seven times through your nose. Then, step by step, take your feet between your hands and roll on your spine to return to standing. 2 to 3 repetitions are perfect. You’ll stretch your hamstring muscles and tendons and speed up blood flow.


Julie Ferrez is a French leader in wellness and fitness. She developed her method ten years ago and imparts it to many leading figures from the world of cinema, fashion, television and politics, as well as hosting her own COACH show on France 2.

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