How to exercise and relax if you work all day long standing up in your feet

All about relaxation > 20 million women are on their feet 75% of the day...

If you work all day long standing up in your feet, or you wear high heels, by the end of the day your feet and legs get tired and painful. Standing can lead to poor circulation which in turn can cause sluggishness, swelling and varicose veins. Naturally the incidence of vascular problems increases with age, rising from 34% at age 45-50 to 40% between 55-60. But doctors are seeing these problems arising earlier and earlier, affecting even very young women (aged 15-25), particularly when certain hereditary or hormonal factors are combined with other determinants (sun, standing, tight clothing). To prevent simple feelings of tiredness, sluggishness, swelling and night cramps from eventually turning into chronic circulatory insufficiency, there are four effective solutions: the most important is walking and, generally speaking, gentle regular exercise that ensures that vascular walls retain their tone, thus promoting good blood circulation through muscular contractions. When you get back home, try to lie down for 15 minutes, keeping your feet elevated slightly higher than your head by resting your feet on the arm of the sofa or propping them up with a big pillow. You can also help your legs by wearing support hose. They make a huge difference!

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