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Your skin needs vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well as trace elements such as zinc, manganese, calcium and magnesium.

 We know that people too often neglect to add kiwis, oranges, pineapple, cashews, sesame seeds, peaches, hops and sage to their grocery baskets, but fortunately a number of leading skincare companies are adding them to their products to give your skin a healthier glow. Deprived of the benefits of sunlight (in small amounts) and the fruits and juices which we're more likely to consume in summer, from late fall onward our skin starts to suffer like an autumn leaf! 

Nonetheless, these products don't work on their own. If there are deficiencies in our diet, the advantages provided by these little jars and tubes won't provided the desired effect as quickly… and we can't blame them! It's a bit like going to the hairdresser: she can apply the most beautiful color in the world, but if it's used on dull, lifeless hair it will lose some of its shine. So how do I put these vitamins on my plate?

Where do I find these vitamins?

You'll find the answer, vitamin by vitamin, in the links provided above. Plus, enlivening our upcoming winter editions will be some recipes for more radiant skin! 

However, you should keep in mind that, generally speaking, vitamins can be destroyed and your good intentions foiled if you don't follow certain rules with regard to fruits and vegetables:

  • buy fruits and vegetables at the market whenever possible - when freshly picked that day, they retain all their nutrients
  • brush them and rinse them briefly instead of washing them in a large quantity of water, or worse yet, soaking them
  • eat them raw to get the full dose of vitamins
  • choose steaming or wok cooking to retain the maximum vitamin content. Products containing vitamins B or C are hydrosoluble, i.e., they lose their properties in water
  • to preserve vitamins effectively, vacuum packing and freezing is the best preservation method
  • drying foods results in some of the vitamin content being "dried" out as well.
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