Healthy Nails, Healthy Diet

Nails and Your Diet

by Michèle Serre
in collaboration with Mavala

"You are what you eat," according to the old saying, and often your nails are a reflection of your diet. Dietary deficiencies can have a negative impact on the appearance, health and strength of your nails. Vitamins, calcium and minerals are particularly important to maintaining vigorous healthy nails. A vegetarian diet can cause nails to become brittle due to a lack of animal proteins. Similarly, slimming diets that are not well-balanced can have an injurious effect on nail health. Your nails' requirements are provided by the principal minerals found in nature.

Vitamins A, B, C, D and E are essential for healthy nails

Vitamin 5, Vitamin A
Strengthens nails and promotes their growth. Found in butter, apricots, green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, cherries and fish oils. 

Vitamin B
B vitamins have a positive effect on the skin. 

Vitamin B2
Promotes nervous balance.

Vitamin B6
Essential to protein assimilation; found in wheat germ, brewer's yeast, egg yolk and cabbage.

Vitamin B12
Has anti-enemic properties.

Vitamin C
Strengthens the body against infections and aids in the formation of bone, teeth and connective tissue while strengthening the blood vessels. It is found in fresh fruits, ctirus and green peppers. 

Vitamin D
Fosters calcium absorption in the body through sunlight. It is found in milk and dairy products, cod liver oil, egg yolk, fish and shellfish.

Vitamin E
Mainly plays an intra-cellular antioxidant role. It is found in grains and all types of oils.

Another good reason to add vitamins and minerals to your grocery cart! 


Essential to good nail health. It is found in milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, cream and butter, as well as fish and shellfish. 

Contributes to nail growth. It is found in ocean fish, crustaceans, spinach and cress. 

Essential to nail formation as well as a powerful anti-infection agent. It is found in the cabbage family, onions and cucumber. 

An anti-enemic, it plays an important role in providing oxygen to the tissues. It is found in spinach, apricots, dried fruits, liver, egg yolks and molasses. 

Found in vegetables.

Found in fruits, vegetables and wine. 

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