2021 - 11 - With Neotone, dark spots will soon be nothing more than a bad memory

All about new beauty products > With Neotone, dark spots will soon be nothing more than a bad memory

To combat brown spots, Isispharma has developed Neotone, a range of complete skincare products designed to cleanse your skin, and correct and prevent the appearance of dark spots.

 How it works?
The patented DEPI-ACT® complex, the fruit of the latest scientific advances in the field, acts at each stage of formation of brown spots to regulate the production of melanin:

Among the key products:
NEOTONE® Intensive Serum acts at the origin of the pigmentation process to regulate melanin production and thus visibly reduce brown spots. A combination of glycolic acid and salicylic acid removes existing spots on the surface of the skin thanks to their peeling effect.

To complete the line: Aqua Make-up remover radiance micellar solution, Exfoliating cleansing gel, Neotone Eyes - Thanks to a roll-on applicator for an optimal dosage and decongestant and massaging effect + Intensive balm for sensitive skin.

Forget expensive treatment like laser and peeling… or depression! Unify your skin tone, recover your radiance and say goodbye to sun spots, age spots, pregnancy masks and even scarring. Because dark spots are not the end of the world with Neotone! The little plus: friendly accessible.

Advice from a dermatologist

What’s the only action you need to take to prevent the appearance of dark spots? Use sun protection all year long!

An SPF index of 50+ is great, but you also need protection against UVA rays and blue light as this is essential for effectively preventing dark spots.

Sand or Snow, think about it. Neotone is there for you.


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