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We know that our bodies change as we mature, yet our beauty and personal care routines don’t always evolve to address those changes. For women, declining estrogen levels may be experienced with age and can cause dryness, leaving skin feeling itchy and uncomfortable. The result? That go-to lotion you’ve been using for years may suddenly not have the same effect on your skin. Skin changes are a normal part of the aging process but the right skincare routine designed for maturing skin can help bring out it’s natural beauty. That’s why Vaseline created Vaseline Mature Skin Rejuvenation lotion, a specially formulated lotion to hydrate and heal dry skin associated with aging and menopause. It's on the shelf for around 2 years now but maybe We are talking about a product that has been around for 2 years but that you may not have understood the importance for your skin.

2019 - 08 - Vaseline Mature Skin Rejuvenation lotion 1

Made with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, intensive moisturizers, Vitamin B3 and PPAR activators; it’s fast-absorbing and non-greasy formulation helps to relieve the tight, itchy feel of dry skin and lock in moisture.

Apply every day. It may seem paradoxical to develop dry skin from standing under a blast of water, but a hot shower parches your skin as the water evaporates. Your skin naturally produces oil that acts as a barrier between skin and the harsh environment of the outside world. Hot water sluices this oil from your skin, stripping it of its protection and leaving it feeling dry, tight and itchy. So always think to moisturize your skin with Vaseline after each shower. Stop discomfort!

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