2018 - 11 - nOctuelle by Sothys to wake up looking gorgeous

All about new products > Sothys > nOctuelle, a technology-packed formula for effective nightime targeting!

The iconic nOctuelle cream is getting a makeover: a new name, and an elegant high-tech color scheme packaging, a vitamin C booster and the oxygen-like concept, for revived and radiant skin, first thing in the morning.

Lack of sleep, hectic lifestyle and daily aggression, put a strain on skin every day. Sothys tackles this problem with its night range, which takes visible action to counter the environmental factors of ageing.

Because there is twice as much cellular renewal activity at night than during the day, Sothys developed a trio of winning products, to help the skin erase the visible signs of daytime damage caused by the environment, and visibly work against premature skin ageing.

Detox resurfacing overnight cream
2018 - 11 - nOctuelle by Sothys to wake up looking gorgeous 1

Apply at night after your serum to the face and neck. Concentrated technology that works deep in the skin, night after night. Signs of fatigue are smoothed out and diminished as you sleep, and the skin becomes more luminous for a healthy glow effect. Hydration and comfort are the extra benefits offered by nOctuelle.

Enriched with vitamin C, extract of nasturtium, detoxifying complex, hydra-smoothing complex marine collagen, avocado and macadamia oils, the Detox resurfacing night cream is your skin’s new nocturnal ally.

Relaxing pillow mist
2018 - 11 - nOctuelle by Sothys to wake up looking gorgeous 2

Spray in the bedroom 15 minutes before going to sleep to experience a soothing scent that is an irresistible invitation to restorative sleep and wellness. Mandarin essential oil complements notes of orange and lemon to emphasize your sense of well-being and ultimate relaxation.

Chrono-destressing sleeping mask
2018 - 11 - nOctuelle by Sothys to wake up looking gorgeous 3

A formula packed with stabilized anti-ageing vitamin C plant extracts from oxygen-like nasturtium and active ingredients to capture light and promote skin wellness.

Ideally, apply 1 to 2 times per week instead of your usual cream and leave on the face and neck for 10 minutes. A new beauty routine and a first step toward letting go with a subtle fragrance that beckons sleep. A trifecta of citrus fruits are layered over a base of cedar and musk.
With vitamin C, nasturtium, chaste tree and lindera extracts, the mask Chrono-destressing sleeping mask reduces the signs of ageing with a smoothing effect you can see from the first application. It requires a specific massage to improve its benefits: apply it with flattened palms to relaxing pressure points from the forehead to the base of the neck. Skin is visibly replenished and relieved from fatigue when you awaken.

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