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Color correctors work to counteract specific flaws in facial complexions.

Pale Yellow - Ideal for concealing bluish under-eye circles and diminishing the apparent depth of skin creases. Tones down redness of the T-zone.

Pale pink. Illuminates pale complexions without ruddiness. Use to camouflage ashy or brownish under-eye circles or liver spots.

Neutral beige. Use alone or in combination with other shades to conceal under-eye circles, redness, or liver spots.

Ivory - corrects dark circles and brightens tired, dull-looking skin.

Soft green. Skin tone corrector to be used on red irritated skin or blemishes. Follow with skin-toned foundation or powder.

Mauve. Use as a whitening base for light eyeshadow, or wherever you need to lighten up your skin tone.

How to apply

Select the appropriate shade, or blend colours depending of your carnation..
With a brush or your finger, apply under your foundation, or re-touch over your makeup during the day.
Finish by powdering lightly, to fix the correction.

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