Holiday Make-Up 2010 > Les ORS by Guerlain

Holiday make-up 2010 > Les ORS by Guerlain

This collection is a feast for the eyes - it's all about gold! Along with the gold theme for these limited edition pieces, each item features the famous Guerlain bee, inspired by the original Eau de Cologne Imperiale bottle from 1853 which was intricately adorned with golden bees.

The first step
Holiday Make-Up 2010 > Les ORS by Guerlain 1

Start with Midnight Star - a primer face enclosed in small capsules; it is a veritable elixir of beauty that light to the face and smooths the features

The transformation will end with the Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body
Silky and ultra-light in texture, this sparkling powder graces the skin with a gentle, sheer veil of gold reflections. Like fine-spun muslin dappled with delicate sprays of glitter, it will subtly illuminate shoulders, arms, back, décolleté and hair and leave a deliciously light violet scent. You are invited to rediscover the timeless and most sensuous gesture of applying powder like perfume – and wearing a powder designed like a jewel. More than a luxurious accessory, this is a genuine secret to perfect complexion.

Holiday Make-Up 2010 > Les ORS by Guerlain 2

The winter quarters of an exceptional powder
The elegant and practical Météorites Poudre d’Or offers a palette of three new shades – the violet of the season, a pale pink and a white – drawn in the form of bees over a bed of iridescent beige. These slightly pearly colours reveal the radiance of all skin tones and light up the face with a unique glow. The must-have portable pebble-shaped compact sports an ultra-flat case with a cover delicately adorned with an embossed rosette set with a finely gilded bee and sprinkled with a constellation of black Swarovski strass crystals.

Holiday Make-Up 2010 > Les ORS by Guerlain 3

Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Velours D'Or contains two shades of violet, irridescent gold and an intense black liner.

A golden lacquer to enhance the radiance of the eyes
The star mascara, which gives insolent volume and unprecedented curl to the lashes, now offers a copper gold lacquered formula for the festive season to enhance the sensuality and radiance of the eyes. Like a top coat varnish, the golden lacquer is applied after mascara on the entire lash surface. In one simple stroke, the lashes light up with delicate golden pearly pigments for festivities. Chic lies in the detail: the cap of the large brush is decorated with the golden bee.

Holiday Make-Up 2010 > Les ORS by Guerlain 4

Complete lipshine / The quintessence of elegant shine
The original, creamy richness of Rouge G has now been combined with the lightness of colour. Rouge G Le Brillant has mastered the art of blending this incredibly full-bodied texture with shimmering light colours. Deep in the heart of this precious treasure, an extraordinary formula complete with ruby powder fills the lips with moisture, making them ultra smooth, plump and glistening. Spectacular yet refined, Rouge G Le Brillant emits a subtle shine and reveals all the beauty of an ultra-feminine ritual. The secret? A clever balance between glamour and softness unveiled by a truly unique formula.

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