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Let there be light!

Opalescence celebrates the end of winter with a harmony of delicate, luminous colours.
The weather turns milder, full of softness and lightness.
It’s time for delicate, romantic make-up, bursting with freshness.
The complexion glows. Rosy cheeks express a beautiful, poetic timidity. The eyes light up and lips are glossy !

Sunny days are here again! The complexion yearns for transparency and light. Give it what it needs!

Start your glowy foundation by minimizing imperfections that do little for your mood and your complexion with.Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base - rose to give maximum radiance to all skin, champagne to correct redness in fair complexions, peach to revive the radiance of tanned complexion - easy to use just after your day cream.

This is the secret of a glowy foundation.




And if I show a flawlessly flawless complexion ?

As if by magic, Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines, enlarged pores and imperfections. A must-have for perfect skin texture. Either use alone or mixed with foundation or your regular complexion base.


Incredibly easy to apply, this cream blush transforms into a powder on contact with the skin for a beautiful “rosy cheeks” effect, a “second skin” result and lasting hold. Its soft, melting texture sculpts, smoothes and colours to deliver a light, fresh, natural-looking finish.

Clarins has created 4 pink and coral shades for a soft yet vibrant look.

There’s more than one way to apply Cream Blush !
It’s the perfect way to get cheeks glowing but Cream Blush can also be applied to lips to give them a touch of natural colour with a matte, slightly powdery finish. For a more glossy result, add a touch of Gloss Prodige crystal.


The season’s palette is all about light!
The imprint of a circle seems to create a halo of light that radiates from the pearly white highlighter.

Eye Quarter Mineral Palettes - The opaline pink and grey shades and the vibrant plum eyeliner illuminate the eyes. With their wet & dry formulas, the powders can be used dry for a subtle look or slightly damp for a more sophisticated result. Perfect hold is guaranteed all day long.

Mono Mineral Eyeshadow with the new luminous smoky prune

And for flawless eyes, your must-have Instant Definition Mascara to enhance the beauty of all lashes.
Its intense black colour and spectacular panoramic lash effect really open up the eyes… for a truly captivating look!


Last touch:
Sheer or glossy… it’s up to you ! The three new fresh, luminous shades of Joli Rouge Brillant Sheer Lipstick (Coral Tulip, Pink Orchid et Tropical Pink) and the two new sexy shades of Gloss Prodige (Coral tulip and crystal) leave lips fuller-looking, soft, incredibly shiny. Pink, coral or sheer sparkle on everyone’s lips !

And voilà! You get a spring glowy and fresh makeup signed Clarins.

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