Blonde Ideas

Blonde Ideas
Get beautiful, dreamy hair

In warmer months, when you spend more time outside, your hair lightens naturally. A sun-kissed hue enhances almost anyone’s look, even if one’s hair is naturally dark. If you’ve got blonde ambitions, here are a few ways you can lighten your hair easily and achieve your dream look all year long.

Turn Up the Lights
The quickest way to make your hair appear lighter is to add a few highlights. Face-framing strands can brighten your style instantly. To lighten your whole look, add highlights throughout your hair. For a more dramatic effect, go for allover colour and highlights. Choose a colour that’s one shade lighter than your natural hair and add lighter highlights on top. Or try adding a light layer right under your bangs or around your front hairline for a subtle shimmery effect every time you move.

Wake Up Your Brunette
If your hair is naturally dark but you know you are a blonde at heart, warm up your look with caramel-brown or dark blonde shades or try highlights. If your eyes are very dark, a few highlights around your face will enhance them. Remember to choose a cool ash shade to lighten naturally dark hair and control unwanted warmth. A great product to help you go lighter is Frost & Design, which comes with a toning rinse to help eliminate any brassiness.

Choose the Blonde for You
Do you admire Scarlett Johansson’s signature platinum locks? Believe that Beyoncé truly rocks with her caramel-coloured waves? What you need to know about blonde hair is that there is a right shade of blonde for everyone. If you have pale skin, go for a gold shade that will add warmth to your skin tone. If you have dark brown eyes, choose a caramel shade or a dark blonde shade. If you have red undertones in your skin colour, choose a cooler shade of blonde to calm the redness down. If you are in the more mature years of life, stay with a warm, golden shade of blonde to brighten your look.

Discover the perfect shade of blonde
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Dreaming of the perfect blonde? Experience the most complete colour and care system created for pure, delicate, lasting blonde that is nourished and protected. Choose from your favorite L’Oréal brand like Superior Preference®, Preference Dream Blonde™ or Excellence Creme™.

Ready to take your blonde to the next level? Try ultralightening formulas like Super Blonde or Superior Preference®, Les Blondissimes, featuring three-level lift. With Fade-Defying Colourants, Superior Preference® stays true to tone for up to eight weeks without fading or turning dull and brassy. 12 blonde ideas from very light or natural blonde to beige blonde or ash blonde. There is one just right for you.

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