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Modern feminity created by celebrity stylist Andy Lecompte
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While other actresses followed the Old Hollywood glamour trend and wore their hair in smooth waves (either long and to the side or pinned-up into a faux bob), the Elementary star wore her hair in a long, striking braid.

Lucy demonstrated “perfect imperfection” because there is a slight messiness to balance her feminine Marie Antoinette inspired dress. Andy says that for braids, it's best to do it on 1-2 day old hair because it's easier to grip and create texture vs. clean hair.

Here’s how Andy created ’s look:

1. First, dry hair was prepped with small amount of Velvet Amplifier Style Primer

2. Then, Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray was applied to create texture at the root and length of hair

3. A deep side part was created, and the hair was french braided down each side of the head and the two braids merged at the bottom, slightly to the side so the braid hangs over the shoulder.

4. Placing one braid over the other, the ends of the hair were then flipped through the hole of the two braids

5. Then, merge the two braids into one fishtail at the bottom, and use Rugged Fix on the ends for a rugged texture.

6. Finish the look with Stay Essential for a lasting, flexible hold


Lucy Alexis Liu is an American actress, artist, narrator, and film producer. She became known for playing the role of the vicious and ill-mannered Ling Woo in the television series Ally McBeal (1998–2002). She has also appeared in several Hollywood films including Payback, Charlie's Angels, Chicago, Kill Bill, and Kung Fu Panda.

In 2012, Liu joined the cast of the TNT original series Southland.. She is currently one of the two series lead actors of the CBS television crime drama, Elementary, based on the story of Sherlock Holmes, playing the role of Joan Watson.

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