Are your nails hard and brittle?

Are your nails hard and brittle? Beware of UV rays and cold, because they both tend to dry out nails!


Apply a strengthening and softening lotion or solution specifically formulated for brittle nails - you can get them from your manicurist or in the beauty section of some stores.

To preserve your nails' natural suppleness and to prevent them from breaking when you're at the office, you can apply 

  • a base coat and finishing coat if you use nail polish 
  • a moisturizing oil with vitamin E
  • choose a nail polish remover for brittle nails 

Although important, these are superficial treatments. The crux of the problem lies in certain deficiencies in your system. Eat fish and products containing gelatin (jello, aspics, etc.) Good products and a good diet will give your nails back their suppleness.

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